Creative Director

I’ve not only lead teams on sprawling brands like UPS, State Farm and Exxon & Mobil, but I did so while rolling up my sleeves and guiding them to become better creatives. I relish smart decision and loathe indecision. I play nice with other departments (and just between us, I don’t hate account people.) Pitches? Bring it. You can cut me loose to go rogue with big ideas then plop me in front of clients to sell in the work.


Launching this integrated platform with over 400 pieces of content was a herculean effort.

See the full story of State Farm Simple Insights.



Collaborating closely with strategy opened up a playground of some clever content iteration.

See the full story of Exxon & Mobil Refuel You.



This TVC took ten months of development and tapped every skillset I have.

See the full story of Hasbro NERF Nitro.

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