Exxon & Mobil was responsible for one of the most devastating oil spills ever.

Now they want to be on Facebook.

Opinions are like you-know-what’s... ...and drive every action in social. Exxon & Mobil needed a way into Facebook that gave them a fighting chance. If the focus could shift from the corporation to the consumer, we may be able to siphon off some of the fuel that would flame traditionally branded posts.

So what links Exxon & Mobil with their customers? Turns out the answer isn’t what links them, but where. Retail locations - gas stations - represent more than a place to fill the tank. They represent a beacon of hope to make your journey better. We pull into them to take a break, plan our route, load up on snacks and (last but not least) pee.



The feed would be a place where people go to mentally recharge.

A metaphoric filling station that ultimately gets people refueled and back up and running.

To prepare for National Day of Encouragement (Monday, 9/12), we provided our fans road trip themed cards to share with their favorite co-pilot.


With football season in full effect, you could wind up spending hours in pre and post-game traffic. We’re refueling the journey to the game with these football themed car games.


Road trips are easy to imagine in the summer, but what about the Fall? We shined the spotlight on some unexpected places to relax and recharge during the long drive.


Everyone loves a good scare, especially around Halloween. We’re taking haunted houses to the next level with these real-life roads that have inspired local folklore.


With a nod to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Animal Athletes helped people refuel by giving them a dose of awww-inspiring animal clips.



Perception means a lot, especially in social.

Honing a sharp strategy was critical in laying the creative groundwork for a brand struggling with a sorted past and shaky present.



Exxon & Mobil


Creative Directors

Bob Davies

Matt Christiansen


Art Direction

Hunter Warren

Bob Davies



Hunter Warren

Bob Davies



Rachael Stirling

Matt Christiansen


Associate Planning Director - Digital/Social

Tamara Gardellis